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CowTheManManthingit (John for short) is Albert's son in a video called "I used Roblox admin to send him to HELL", where Albert uses admin commands in "Adopt and Raise a Baby" to send him to hell.


CowTheManManthingit aka John, was seen in the baby morph most of his appearance in the video. He is first seen when he said he will sit down, then questions how "jen" got in so fast, which jen replied that she cared so much about him. He then tells her that he needs a mom, but she can't have one. He later questions "what is auto connect". After jen's shooting, John asks who shot, which jen replied it was one of them. John was then crushed by jen's car, until alessandroc214 grabs her in the stroller, causing her to fly away from the map. After a while of searching, she finds her son and rejoices, but he says, "now go". Because of that, Albert decides to send the boy to "Hell". She yells at CowTheManManthingit over him deserving his spot in Hell as he ran out of "mommy's sight". Albert ends up in Heaven, and finds him again in Ropes not Roses V.2, where she forgives him. When he asks what to do here, Albert says, "Suffer." She then messes with his mind by saying that she wasn't his mother, and that he was hallucinating, leaving the game right after.


He wears one of the Roblox visors.


  • His Roblox username suggests he might have watched greenlegocats123 and his older trolling videos, based on the player, CowCowManManThingIt.