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Cow4life’s avatar (after changing)


Cow4life’s avatar (before changing)

Cow4life was an account Albert used at least twice while playing Survivor; Roblox. It is used in the videos ROBLOX NEW SURVIVOR... and Getting ROBLOX NOOBS to VOTE AGAINST EACHOTHER. Albert immediately realizes that cow4life looks like a noob, which likely caused him to lose in the first video, so in the second video he changes the account's appearance to a "hot girl". This is to no avail, and he loses anyway.


Before: Before Albert changed the looks of his avatar, it was a blocky, bald and bland avatar with a pale yellow head, and the same pale yellow also applying to his arms. He had a white torso and medium blue legs.

After: After Albert changed his avatar, it drastically changed, transitioning into a girl. She had the ROBLOX Girl package, and a normal warm ivory skin tone like most avatars. She had an enraged, agape face which was the Drill Sergeant face. She had a black and white checkered crop top, with unconnected arm sleeves consisting of the same pattern. On top of her crop top, she had a hot pink design and a black lacy tie necklace. She sports light blue jeans, and white adidas shoes.