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"Cringe :/ "

— Corl's infamous Tweet bashing a fan who he finds to be "too old to be in The Pals fanbase."

Brandon Reed Welsh (better known online as Corl or CorlHorl) is a former YouTuber who was known for being part of a collaborative group of 5 friends called "The Pals." He has been mentioned in some of Albert's videos on the Flamingo channel.


Brandon appears as a Caucasian male with brown hair going to the left and bright blue eyes with a somewhat stretched out nose. However, in his future tweets, he seems to have grown his hair since last time making his hair look at least halfway through his neck.


Brandon was born on July 20, 1998, in Canada where he was raised in Edmonton. Not much is known about his past life except he won a Cappie award sometime in 2015.[1]


Brandon started up his YouTube channel on March 12, 2016. His first video was called "BABY MURDERS DADDY!?! - Minecraft WHO'S YOUR DADDY! (Minecraft Roleplay) #1" where he did a Minecraft roleplay with Denis and Alex. He then continued to make collaborations with Denis and Alex and another person named SubZeroExtabye. They later formed a group called "The Pals" which was a channel where they all collaborated to do videos together. Brandon and the other members' channels were growing as The Pals became known in the Roblox community.

Twitter Controversy[]

On February 20, 2019, a thread started talking about how a person (who was 17 at the time) supported The Pals by paying $100 for a jersey that had The Pals written on it. This got Brandon pretty worked up due to the fact that in his eyes, she was too old to be a fan of The Pals. After responding with the well-known "cringe :/" statement, the girl was on the verge to commit suicide. Fortunately, many YouTubers came to the rescue to help her. Although she didn't commit suicide, she deleted all pre-existing Tweets she posted. After this situation, Brandon was ridiculed due to the fact that he almost made a girl die. In the end, Brandon was kicked from The Pals and The Pals brand stopped due to this drama.



One of the photos of Brandon with a Mossberg.

On July 19, 2019, Brandon posted some images of him with a gun (which was confirmed by a YouTuber named John Roblox to be a Mossberg Shotgun.) This got some of the Roblox community worried for Brandon but some people also memed about it. This topic was discussed in a video made by KonekoKitten called roblox youtuber corl scared everyone by returning with...interesting images which has gained over 2,142,263 views as of April 11, 2021. Brandon later deleted these tweets and has since not posted to any social media platform.

Affiliation with Albert[]

Corl and Albert have had a few encounters with each other sometimes. During the Twitter Controversy, Albert was one of the YouTubers that helped the girl from committing suicide. It's also worth noting the girl's username was "TifsStuff" a similar way to Albert's old channel, AlbertsStuff. Albert has also come upon some people using Brandon in there games like in the video, ROBLOX SURGEON SIMULATOR where he comes across Corl as one of the people in the lobby waiting for an appointment and in ROBLOX FUNERAL HOME where Albert comes across a game called "Survival The Corl The Killer" and plays it for a little bit until eventually leaving. Normally when Albert comes across Corl, he laughs it off due to the past situations.


  • The only existing merchandise you can buy related to Corl on "The Pals merch store" are penguin mittens based on his shoulder pet.[2]
  • The Twitter incident has become somewhat of a recurring joke (the same way Remainings references Logan Paul), as in a few videos, Albert references the photos he posted.