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Coolmario83222 is an account used by Albert in order to watch Rap Battles from Roblox players in the "Roblox Rap Battles" game.


Roblox NOOB confessed her love for me... IN FRONT OF EVERYONE[]

Albert watches several rap battles while also pretending they are good. He gets the attention of Hakka701 and, in a Rap Battle against killerboyguard, she sings about how she likes Coolmario83222 and how he makes her heart melt, instead of actually rapping.

Later she changes personality and starts hating bacons. Then in a Rap battle against Coolmario83222, Albert states he doesn't like Hakka, Hakka wonders how he knows her name, and Albert takes the opportunity to rap about how he is a hacker and also Hakka's father. Albert leaves the game after lots of bad rapping from Hakka701, but accepts her friend request.