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coolfriend8928 is an account made by Albert in the video I made a Roblox TYCOON... and trolled everyone who played.. where coolfriend gets admin in a tycoon game.


Albert made coolfriend on the previous day that he made the video under the sole purpose of being in the video and him getting admin commands in a tycoon game.

The video starts with Alber, as coolfriend getting killed multiple times by a player named SantiPlayz_Roblox. Albert's game of Roblox then crashes.

Albert joins the game FREE SUPERHERO TYCOON as coolfriend, who has admin commands from the creator jrooplo29999, who is another one of Albert's accounts. Albert begins by messing with a player named erjjd1 by moving things in her tycoon and moving things she has to buy so she can't buy it. Albert also starts to occasionally turn the conveyor-belt that gives money the other way around and set erjjd's money to zero when she has a lot of money. His trolling of erjjd ends with him unanchoring her tycoon and her leaving.

Albert then starts to trolling another player called yuyita_ewe by deleting some of her droppers, putting her money somewhere else rather than on the conveyor-belt and move her money claiming botton to outside. Albert ends up unanchoring yuyita's tycoon after she gets a lot of money which leads to yuyita leaving. Albert trolls another player called 933717764 by trying to turn her tycoon to all heads of Sonic but the Sonic heads don't show so Albert moves her tycoon up, unanchors it and has it fall on her. Albert tries to mess up another person's tycoon without unanchoring it which leads to Albert accidently breaking the server.

Albert goes on to another server as coolfriend and trolls a player called BigCXD1234 by removing half of his tycoon. Albert removes more of the tycoon when BigC resets which causes the latter to reset again. While BigC's back is turned, Albert drags his entire tycoon into the ground and BigC sees his tycoon disappear which led him to leave and rejoin. BigC rejoins the server and Albert immediately unanchors BigC's tycoon which causes the latter to leave and rejoin again.

The video ends with Albert confused that BigC returned again and then unanchoring a powerful tycoon and then BigC's tycoon. Albert then presumably abandoned coolfriend after the video was done.