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CoolestAndCuteBoy is an account that Albert made in his second facecam video (on Flamingo) to explore the new school update on MeepCity.


Albert created the account CoolestAndCuteBoy soley for the purpose of him being nullied for his account nam. Albert attempts to give a girl and anxiety attack by bullying her for no reason but several people start swearing at him, making him leave the room. Albert ecounters another player called Dustin (user: filthykids909) who says he is not cuts (cute) but the word he said next was tagged so Albert assumes he said hot. Dustin swears at Albert and starts to chase him in the halls. Dustin says that CollAndCuteBoy is ugly so Albert says no you. Albert explores the world of the new school update and finds several flaws in the school.

Albert ends up finding a girl who can't detention going to detention by the principal, who also can't spell that well either. Later on Albert finds that a player named M1A_WHEREISMYCOOKIE wants to report someone for not having robux. Albert also finds that all of the sudden a lot of students in MeepCity are apparently smoking. Albert also makes fun of roleplayers as CoolestAndCuteBoy by randomly saying things in astricks. After Albert leaves the class he finds that M1A and another student, emmawatson1224 are trying to kill a teacher named PrincessLarsaB. Albert finds LarsaB still strapped down and attempts to kill her and another student, saldansd but fails when a girl intervenes. Albert pushes saldansd down only for him to get up and do a "big push" on CoolestAndCuteBoy, Albert pretends that it hurt and begs for saldansd not to hurt him to which saldansd says for him to not bully anymore to which Albert says he won't. M1A returns and falsely assumes that CoolestAndCuteBoy is a bully and tries to kill him by shooting at him, prompting CoolestAndCuteBoy to runs out of the school, never returning.