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Cooldude9992322 is Alberts account that made his first and only appearance in "His roblox girlfriend hated his rapping..."

Cooldude's objective was to steal Tay Tay's girlfriend, s7398.


At first, Cooldude and Tay Tay were enemies, but as time passed, Tay Tay and Cooldude became best friends, leaving behind Tay Tay's ex-girlfriend, s7398.


Cooldude wears: Knights of Redcliff: Paladin - Face, Golden Chain (which is Content Deleted), The Man Bundle, Blonde Spiked Hair, green shorts with white shoes and the green jersey.

His outfit has been the same since 2019.


When Cooldude first joined the game, he saw s7398 complaining about Tay Tay, but when Cooldude talks to her, Tay Tay tells him immediately to back off. After several discussing, Tay Tay and Cooldude are about to rap against each other. Mid the battle, s7398 adds Cooldude because she was so amazed with his rapping skills. This was one of the best rap battles in the history of the game, because Tay Tay said three of his signature phrases and nearly humilliated Cooldude. Cooldude made a good job with the come back and defeated Tay Tay.

Then, Cooldude and Tay Tay saw how s7398 fell in love with another guy called giovanigdeadpool and Tay Tay leaves the game after that.

Some minutes later, Tay Tay rejoins to ask Cooldude if they're in good terms, and they obviously were. After this, they became best friends forever and had some great adventures, for example; them playing hide and seek and Cooldude rage quitting.


"i got gold money"
"he treat u bad i treat good"
"your girl likes me, even if im a pee"
"im big money"
"diamond got no diamonds"
"your hair are noodle"
"i got gold, you got old and mold"