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"i may look like a boy but these titties is a girl" -coolcutegirlwholikesmeniswear

Coolcutegirlwholikesmeniswear was an MSP account made by Albert in THE WORST DATING GAME EVER.


Before YellowWater30 was born, Albert made a MovieStarPlanet account under the username coolcutegirlwholikesmeniswear. After spawing in a room full of quiet people, coolcutegirl attempts to break the silence by saying she has diarrhea. She then asked if she was attractive and another girl replied by saying she was "ucly", leading coolcutegirl to curse at her. Albert was unsure of how to design characters in MSP and decided that she must redesign her personality. She then saw a girl twerking from across the room and yelled at her to stop before asking again, but this time politely. She then saw a girl asking for a date and told her that she had male parts attached to her. Albert then bought VIP for 1 week. Coolcutegirl then saw a homeless person and asked them if they wanna date her, making the homeless person vomit. Later, a girl asked if anyone plays Roblox and Albert then logs into girlwithabigheart2 to meet her in Roblox, only to be ignored. Coolcutegirl had enough of MSP as she believed the people weren't nice to her. She returned 1 day later to get a message from a girl who greets her. However, coolcutegirl wanted nothing to do with her. Later, she got another message from presumably the same girl in a different account as their usernames were similar. Her name was mia and she asked coolcutegirl if she could have her "list wish". Coolcutegirl then told her that her poop smells like cheese and asked for mia's help. Mia said that she would help if they exchange accounts in order to get VIP from Albert.



"i have diarrhea"

"am i hot"

"well fuck you too then"

"well darn dangit to you too then"

"i may look like a boy but these titties is a girl"

"mia can you cut that shit out"

"mia would you do me the noble honor of not shakin that thang"

"im actually a boy i had man parts attached to me"

"i dont ever want to talk to youi again"

"my poo smell like cheese"

"i repeat my pas is unclediddle3"