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coolaidaprilfools is the murderer of Funville in Albert's recent video "I ruined a "Normal" Roblox game with CUSTOM ADMIN..." He was first seen

attempting to drowning a player named OdellBagelJr, who also happens to be drown a baby at that same time, and then more people came to the beach and they all start to have a stroller fight.


Killing the incocent mothers and children


  • coolaidaprilfools could potentially be an account to track Albert due to the name of the account though looking at the badges it seems like coolaid doesn't intend on tracking down Albert and might be a regular noob.
  • Looking at his friends list, Superdante997 could possibly be his main due to them joining similar groups or they could just be close friends in real life with Dante asking to join his group.
  • he's a silly little gamer