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Cool9fox is a minor character in BEING A BABY IN ROBLOX GOES WRONG.


Cool9fox is hypothyroidismbadgrl's latest mother in BEING A BABY IN ROBLOX GOES WRONG. She was first seen adopting hypothyroidismbadgrl along with 2 other kids. As she was new to parenthood, she started by buying toys for her kids but didn't have money with her. She decided to spread her legs for the toys salesman in order to get them for free. Hypothyroidismbadgrl was embarrassed by her mom's first impression but later realizes the sacrifice; that cool9fox will do whatever it takes to make her daughter happy. Albert's game lags for a second and hypothyroidismbadgrl loses sight of her mom. She later sees cool9fox standing and waiting for her and she calms down. Cool9fox and her daughter later notice a boy asking for every kid's attention. She decided to listen to him, despite being an adult. The boy doesn't say a word and cool9fox and hypothyroidismbadgrl became impatient. Hypothyroidismbadgrl then leaves and cool9fox never sees her again.


Cool9fox is bold and a loving parent.

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