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Conmo1w saying "Flamingo" after being shot by Albert.



Little Guy (by Albert)


Roblox player

An Idiot

Account Information[]


Physical Description[]

Average roblox idiot, wears a red sleeveless shirt and bright blue pants. Has a Man Face and Brown hair.

Conmo1w is a roblox player that appeared in "ROBLOX QUIZ ADMIN WITH THE BIGGEST IDIOTS". He was seen by Albert when he was looking around the map. He was staring at a wall for a long time so Albert thought he was dumb, because he couldn't guess Youtuber "Flamingo" in the section. Albert killed him and said he is a 3 year old who isn't allowed on Youtube. After he was killed, He actually said "Flamingo" and Albert said he was about to get it. He went to the Logo Quiz and tried to said the word "Roblox" but failed 3 times saying "Robles" instead.


He is considered to be kind of dumb failing to guess the game "Roblox" which he was playing at the time. However, he did guess Youtuber "Flamingo" even after a little while.


• Flamingo

• Robles


• As of June 3rd, 2024 conmo1w has 7 friends and 4 followers.

• The last badge he has gotten is the badge "Welcome" obtainable in Strongman Simulator. The first badge he had gotten was "You played the Grinch🤢 (STORY)" in The Grinch (STORY).

• He has joined Roblox in 14th of January 2023, meaning he owns the "Veteran" badge in roblox.

• He only joined 1 group called "Foxzie" by the creators of Car Dealership Tycoon.