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Cocosipad111 (Known as Coco) was a player who appeared in Roblox admin WOULD YOU RATHER... they didn't think it would come true. She kept replying "Ok" to "Would you rather" questions from Albert.


Coco initially encountered difficulty comprehending an individual conversing in Arabic until Albert intervened, playfully choosing to engage in linguistic banter by speaking in Arabic. Subsequently, Albert proceeded to pose a series of "Would You Rather" questions to Coco, who consistently responded with a simple "Ok," much to Albert's increasing exasperation with the repetitive nature of her replies.


Cocosipad111 initially got pointed out during an encounter highlighted by Albert, wherein he observed someone conversing in Arabic. In response, Coco expressed her inability to converse in Arabic and remarked, "I speak normal".

Albert teleported to Naska20101w's door and, standing before Coco, informed her of his intention to ruin her life. Subsequently, Albert utilized Google Translate to ask the question "Would you rather die or be my friend" (هل تفضل أن تموت أم أن تكون صديقي) from English to Arabic. He then posed the question to Coco. Naska instructed them to "ИДИ" ("GO" in Russian) and uttered "в." Coco, bewildered by their exchange as she was unfamiliar with the languages, voiced her confusion. In response, Naska used a stroller on her and referred her an "A**!" (ЖОПУ).

Albert encountered Coco outdoors and asked, "Would you rather never talk again or die?" To this, she simply responded with, "Ok." Subsequently, Albert expressed his frustration about individuals who respond with okay" to questions that aren't strictly "yes or no" in nature. In response, Coco reiterated, "OK." Growing increasingly frustrated, Albert chastised her, emphasizing that he was communicating in English, yet she seemed unable to understad the question posed to her. Ultimately, Coco opted to die.

Albert posed another question, "Would you rather be rich if it meant everyone dies?" to which she responded with a nonchalant "Ok." Enraged, Albert questions why she persisted in her repetitive response. Subsequently, Albert, in a fit of anger, questioned, "[HEY], COCO DO YOU WISH DEATH UPON THE WORLD" understanding that Coco would likely respond with a simple "Ok" to the proposition. In reply, Coco trembled violently. Subsequently, Albert initiated a nuclear explosion that obliterated the entire map.


"I speak #####" (Said As Normal)



"Language you speak I don't speak it I don't know what to"

"I don't speak the language"

(Coco When Albert Said هل تفضل أن تموت أم أن تكون صديقي) "I don't speak the language"

(Later when Naska put her in the stroller) "Aaaaaaaaaa"





"What the hell"

"We read the game"

"Do you scary I'm just a"


  • She is very slow-witted.
  • Her username is Coco's iPad.
  • She only speaks "Normal" not Arabic or Russian.
  • She has Xenoglossophobia.