Who is he?

Cleetus is a hillbilly in the northern swamps of Florida. He an alleged rodeo cowboy that first appeared in the Flamingo video "ROBLOX... THIS IS SO SAD 😭 😭 😭 😭" On August 1st, 2018, as a country bumpkin cowboy and also as one of Albert's aliases. He is psychotic, obese, dum, and was deemed mentally insane due to him shooting his son Cleetus Jr. with a shotgun thinking he was a pigeon. Cleetus has not recovered from the incident since then and holds a deep hatred for all pigeons. Since his death by suicide in 1982 due to past trauma and he has been in a weird dream like state with all sorts of wacky shenanigans happening. He is about estimated 200+ pounds

The Hunting incident

Cleetus went with his son Cleetus Jr. to the surrounding swamp and told him to look out for pigeons. The hunt was going badly as there WERE no pigeons in the forest. Cleetus then hallucinated his son as a pigeon, and said, "AY! NOW WE EATIN' GOOD TONIGHT!!! IT'S A PIGEON SHOOT IT END ITS LIFE!" Then he shot his son 3 times with his shotgun, killing him.

His Service

Cleetus Ted Grusby fought on the frontlines of Vietnam despite being the youngest due to the fact his older brother Willis dogged the draft. In his own words the reason why he enlisted was because he felt like he should protect his great country.

Cleetus's Alleged Second Son

In a video where Albert plays a border game as Cleetus. Another player apparently "Came out" of Cleetus, meaning that Cleetus gave birth to a second son, his username is DWJeremy. He was not and hasn't been killed or seen dead since that video. Meaning that Cleetus's second son is still out there.

The Mental Facility

After his son's murder, he was arrested and trialed for his crime, he was deemed insane and got put in a local mental facility. In that facility, he met his second wife, Olga. Then they lived "Happily" Ever after.

Cameo in the Bloxys 2020

While Leah Ashe is discussing how great content creators are on ROBLOX, Cleetus can be seen on top of a blue and white spotted mushroom along with ObliviousHD, who he pushes into a river, not more than a split second after, Cleetus falls in with him. After they both swim back to shore, Cleetus can be seen holding ObliviousHD in his arms, and then both fall into the river again as Leah Ashe talks about how it’s not all about shock value before the camera pans over to last year’s winner of the great content creator bloxy.


  • Cleetus' wife Olga was married to a man named "Phil" before meeting Cleetus, she also got put into the Mental Institution for attacking at the American border.
  • Cleetus has met various people, including myths while visiting Roblox places.
  • Cleetus has been portrayed in many videos since, either chill or his normal hillbilly look.
  • He is one of Flamingo's most famous aliases, if not better than girlwithabigheart2.
  • He possibly could've changed his name from Cleetus to Cletus, due to his name being spelled Cletus more often recently. (i have no idea but its a weird topic so A)
  • He has been banned from every country in the world for his behavior.

Cletus' old appearance.

  • Cleetus had hair when he was younger.
  • When Cleetus had hair, he was in the Deserted Island Getaway Package program.
  • Cleetus went into the Deserted Island Getaway Package program to escape his mother.
  • Cleetus is actually very insecure about his weight, but only when someone points out that he is fat.
  • Cleetus has met many famous Roblox myths. He gets called fat every single time he meets a myth.
  • Anytime Albert would meet with Chuck Lloyd Albert would make his character look like Cleetus and put on the "Lady Lashes" face.
  • Cleetus also has gotten a YouTooz figure which is still on sale as of 21/05/20.
  • In the Roblox game fame Cleetus summoned a demon and at his party got possessed.
  • Favorite song is The Court of the Crimson King by King Crimson
  • Favorite Artist is King Crimson
  • As of "Albert / Flamingo plays THE SIMS" Cleetus' last name is Aretz, which is shared with Albert Aretz, A.K.A Flamingo
  • Cleetus has died in "Albert / Flamingo plays THE SIMS"
  • Cleetus has a friend called Alex Mover, he met her in The Sims 4
  • Cleetus has a admin command to get stronger.
Cleetus New appearence
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