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Cleetism is a Roblox fanatical religious cult that worships Cleetus (Albert). The group was founded on August 16, 2020, and is currently owned by 0_Nooks. The cult currently houses 44,614 members and are increasing in popularity. The cult was first featured in Flamingo’s video, ROBLOX CULT OF CLEETUS.


The Cult of Cleetus is a group that similar to the Flamingo Fan Club and the Servants of the Plump, it dedicates itself to serve Albert and Cleetus, but unlike the others (The Flamingo Fan Club is a fan club dedicated to serving Albert, and the Servants Of the Plump is like a kingdom), Cleetism is a cult that worships Cleetus and Albert as their saviour and lord and thus treats them like a god. They do this like following his every command, praying to a big statue for Cleetus, doing rituals, sacrificing themselves by incinerating themselves and feeding themselves to Timmy, which resembles a Sarlacc.


Welcome to Cleetism, where we perform dark, sacrificial, and Clee-tanic rituals for our lord and saviour, Cleetus haybottom! Come down to the temple of Cleetus, where we sacrifice people all in the name of Cleetus! We also have overalls available for you to purchase, so you may be accepted into the brotherhood. You can also feed our pet Timmy in the temple, he's very friendly and doesn't hurt anyone, just don't get too close to his massive, gaping jaws. We perform plenty of humane and totally legal experiments on people too, so come on down to the temple, we'll make sure to take care of you :) Join our communications server by clicking the blue icon thing. Icon by Missmiskit Founded 16th August 2020 by 0_Nooks.


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