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Chuck E Cheese is the mascot for the restaurant with the same name who appears in Albert's videos.


Chuck E Cheese is the mascot of the restaurant with the same name. The first restaurant opened in San Jose, California on July 14th, 1977. Throughout the years, Chuck E Cheese as gotten popularity as one of the biggest arcade chains in the world!


Chuck E Cheese's first main role was in ROBLOX but I make it VERY uncomfortable for everyone... where Albert plays a game based on the Chuck E Cheese restaurant. Soon in the video, he dresses as Chuck E Cheese and comes out with a radio and plays the song "Keep on Smiling." Chuck E Cheese didn't appear until Roblox made me fat in real life, where he appears in the last few minutes where he goes back to the same Chuck E Cheese game he played last time. In ROBLOX BIRTHDAY PARTY... Albert tells people if the video gets 20k likes, Albert will wear a Chuck E Cheese costume. 2 days later, he wears it as he names himself "Chuck A Cheese."