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Chuck's curse was a curse created in ROBLOX ADMIN DON'T PRESS THE BUTTON which all started with a giant chuck e cheese.

The curse begins.....[]

Chuck's curse all started when a noob pressed albert the button what she did not know was how her family was gonna turn into chuck e cheese slowly, Later on one of the victims went outside and caused chaos but little chuck e cheese came in and smacked the big chuck in a car. But he found a fat little timmy and smacked it away

and continued to smack others. Later he said hi to reallycoolsamuel but samuel left before little chuck could say he is a fan. Albert than adopted Laura and renamed her to "little chuck jr* on her birthday, Albert than asks little chuck if she would like to take a chance and press a button and so little chuck did and unlocked chuck's curse.

Albert than proceeded to smash down homes and turn everyone into chuck e cheese, even making chucks rain down and people were scared left and right.

(this incident is sort of similar to mario time).


  • Laura (little chuck jr)
  • Reallycoolsamuel
  • Vito
  • BeH bEh LilY
  • Timozio2
  • Lulu
  • Liam
  • Mei
  • Baby boy
  • Albert (the one who caused it)