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Dree a.k.a. Children Collector was a player that Albert met in the "I did awful things with admin commands" video.


Children Collector was a girl Albert met in Adopt and Raise a Cute Baby. As the name suggests, she was roleplaying as a children collector. Albert first encouters her spinning on the ground with another player called Hen. Hen was roleplaying as a child. They were talking about how Dree's passion was weird and how their families would react seeing her with Hen. Dree was also calling Hen "special" and was saying how she loved Hen. To which Hen replied with "Me too". Albert then said "Ummm let go of that child" to which Dree replied with "No I collect children" and "This one is super rare". Albert took out the gun and killed Dree. Albert expressed his hate for children and killed Hen too. They both respawned and Dree asked if Albert was exploiting. Albert said that it's just his anger. She said that she wasn't angry for a while. Albert later switched games and she wasn't seen again.


  • She along with Hen had roleplay names and their usernames remain unknown.