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The Check It face is a Roblox face that became a Flamingo meme around 2020. It was said to replace the Chill Face, due to the Chill Face being an old Flamingo meme.


The Check It Face was a face that was created on January 14, 2009. It was originally purchasable for 4 Robux, until it went Free on an unknown date. It became a meme, due to the weird smirk and odd shaped eyes. This face was commonly used by no robux users. This face got noticed even more, due to it becoming free.


  • It is one of the bestselling faces with over 30 Million+ purchases.
  • This face became a recent meme, as it began to get more noticed around 2020.
  • This face has its own group named the Check It Containment Corporation, which is based off the Scp Foundation.