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Charlie is a person (Possible imaginary friend?) that was frequently mentioned by Falga7.


Charlie is a mysterious person/entity/character that was very frequently mentioned by Falga7 in the "cleetus is too fat for roblox cart rides" video. It is unknown who (or what?) this person is. Falga was mentioning Charlie at times. Either calling out to her, telling her to stop whatever she was doing, blaming her for stuff, or just straight up mention her. Falga never disclosed or stated who Charlie really was. Nobody in the server was called Charlie. Not even Albert's account.

Mystery revolving Charlie[]

There are 3 main possibilities about Charlie's identity. First one being that she is Falga's imaginary friend. It is really plausible but it does not explain why Falga was blaming her for things. The second one is that Charlie was a friend of Falga in real life who was playing Roblox with him but didn't have "Charlie" in her username. This really unlikely since no one was talking to Falga. HOWEVER there was one person called Charlene in the server. Check out her page if you wanna know about her. The third one is that "Charlie" was some kind of insult/way of calling people annoying/bullies that Falga used. Falga never stated if any of those theories are true.