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Charlene123098 (Charlene for short) was a player who appeared in the cleetus is too fat for roblox cart rides... video


Charlene made a very brief appearance in the video above. She was seen messing up the cart spawner and riding in a cart. Her first sighting was when Albert knocked her cart off resulting in her typing gibberish (presumably smashing her keyboard). Her second and last real appearance was when Falga7 was screaming for Charlie to stop whatever he was doing. Charlene was getting in a cart while saying "yes🧡". Her last sighting was when albert checked the leaderboard if someone was named Charlie and her name showed up. She was absent during the rest of the video.


There is no way to tell how she is. In the video she only said gibberish and "yes🧡". Her bio reads "ok".

Possible Connection With Falga7 and Charlie[]

In the video the main person Albert focused on was someone named Falga7. Falga would call out for a supposed "Charlie" and blame the very same person for bad stuff. Nobody in the server was named Charlie. One theory states that the "Charlie" was a friend of Falga in real life playing Roblox with him but their username not having their real name in it. One candidate was Charlene since her name is close to the name "Charlie". However, not once she interacted with Falga7 (onscreen at least) and she does not have Falga7 on her friends list. There is still a possibility that she is the "Charlie" but it's very unlikely. Charlene never spoke out about this.


  • "yes🧡"