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Chainsaw man pants v.1 (most commonly known on AlbertsStuff and Flamingo as Bloody Diarrhea Pants) were free pants available on the Catalog, and were created by the Roblox user Shadow2008.


The Chainsaw man pants v.1 were pants on the Roblox catalog made by Shadow2008. It was one of the few clothing items (besides T-shirts) not made by ROBLOX that was free. As so, many new players would wear said pants on their avatars. Albert states that the pants appear to be covered in bloody diarrhea, hence the name he gives it, and has mocked many people wearing the Chainsaw man pants v.1 since the AlbertsStuff channel and continues to do so.


  • Sometime before the current content-deletion, it was deleted, but brought back, possibly meaning that there was a trend of these pants being deleted.
  • The pants are currently content deleted as of 3/31/21 for unknown reasons.
    • Sometime in 5/16/21-5/18-21 It was Un-deleted, But the name still says, "[ Content Deleted ]" .
    • A bug on the avatar shop happened where you are unable to click on the item for the item.
    • By following the link to the pants, it is now purchasable for free.
  • As of 5/20-24/21, it has been re-deleted again, causing an uproar again.
  • As of 6/21/23, it has been un-deleted but is currently offsale.
  • As of 27/6/24. They are gone, not just content deleted. I can't even equip them. -robroxian_99


  • It was one of the oldest free Roblox pants, being created in 2008.