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-Caroline after being defeated

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Caroline at the start of the video

Caroline is a competitor in survivor and the main antagonist of the flamingo video "Roblox BULLIES VOTED me off IN A RUDE WAY" Caroline was teaming togheter with Scarlett to stay safe in the survivor game which flamingo predicted before they even talked to each other because they were matching outfits and ingame effects.

Before the teams merged Caroline seemed nice and wanted everybody to be good people even protecting souldew67 when flamingo was being mean to him, however flamingo wanted Caroline gone for trying to tell him what to do.

Caroline barely does anything in the first round of merge other then the fact she was there. Although Caroline wasn't the strongest or even close she did get 3rd in the first merge challange to winning. In the ceremony then Caroline and Scarlett votes for flamingo/ BIG Jenny which didn't work due to the fact zackarynatnat was eliminated that round which Caroline responds with "noooo" because flamingo wasn't out.

In the second round if merge then Caroline decided to chat that flamingo had the immunity idol which he didn't so he would seem more as a threat and others would vote him. Caroline also tried to sabotage him that round, but failed and ended up with flamingo winning the challange. The same ceremony then Caroline gets Scarlett and 1 more unknown player to vote for Andrea due to Andrea being a good player and getting super close to winning both times which worked.

For the thrid round then we don't see Caroline or anynody doing the challange because it was a puzzle challange which flamingo won. In that ceremony which is one of the best from elimination rounds in the flamingo channel then Caroline and Scarlett try to vote Jasmin off, but it ended in a 3 way tie between souldew67, Jasmin and Caroline. Flamingo takes the chance and screams for everbody to vote Caroline, she responds with her most famous lines "WOW UR ALL FAT COWS" "SHUT UP FAT COW" right before her elimination.

Scarlett then left after saying "I HATE ALL OF YOU ESSCEPIALLY BIG JENNY" "CAROLINE IS MY BEST FRIEND" and Caroline left the round after Scarlett did for some reason.