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Carlita2013 was the antagonist in the video BEING A BABY IN ROBLOX GOES WRONG. She was first seen harassing her daughter, hypothyroidismbadgrl, by throwing her around like a football. Hypothyroidismbadgrl would attempt to force her to do flips in return, as the strollers in Adopt and raise were broken at time. Tired of her mom throwing her, she tried escaping from carlita by sending her to hell, however she'd come back to fetch hypothyroidismbadgrl before she could find a new family. Carlita was seen trying to communicate with her daughter in latin, only for every word to get tagged. After a while, hypothyroidismbadgrl finally manages to escape from carlita and finds trust in a man named WonderfulPromyc760, who becomes her father.


  • As of 3/29/2024, she was last online six months ago.