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Cardboard Kreek (Kreek for short) is a cardboard cutout of the Roblox YouTuber called KreekCraft. Kreek was first featured in the video My new friend... : ). He was made by Albert after KreekCraft made a video about getting a cardboard cutout of Albert. He was later burned by Albert at the end of the video.


Kreek is a large cardboard man with a black beanie and wearing dark blue flannel. He has two very big hands and two small legs with some shorts on. Kreek has a long piece of hair on his neck from his girlfriend (Kayla) as Albert cut her away from Kreek. Kreek may have some relation to Spider God Bieber, Felipe, Felipa, etc. Albert hasn't confirmed those theories just yet.


Kreek has no big functionality, he just sits at the back of Albert's room in his videos. Albert said that every time that he will get angry his bite into Kreek's cardboard 'flesh'. So far we haven't seen Albert bite on Kreek, though we have seen Albert burn him and run him over with his motorcycle after mistaking Kreek for a stranger trying to be scary in the distance. Albert did feel remorse and sadness about running Kreek over. Kreek sometimes falls over when not on the wall, he also tried to ruin Christmas by falling on the tree but then Albert kicked him into the tree and then Albert made Kreek part of Christmas by throwing Kreek onto the top of the Christmas Tree.


Kreek was lit on fire by Albert to advertise his new merch, he was one of 2 characters to die that video.