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Captain America is one of the characters in I used ROBLOX ADMIN to THANOS SNAP NOOBS. He is known to be just a person in a Captain America costume, but is some how able to survive.


He looks exactly like Captain America from the classic films and TV Shows.


- Hiding behind a tree in fear

- Running away

- Durability



Steve was just minding his own business until albert tried to kill him so steve used his best superpower, STROLLER AND RUNNING but albert summoned meteors and steve somehow survived, albert than accidentally slowed time and ripped his limbs apart


- He was some how able to dodge METEORS moving faster than him.

- He doesn't have his own shield in this version of Captain America.

- The player's real username is a keyboard smash

- Albert is so dumb when it comes to this guy that he isn't sure if he is in the avengers

- Albert actually managed to defeat him by dumb luck considering that he survived albert repeatedly punching him

- The account is actually female and my theory goes on how a sibling asked her if they could play as their favorite superhero