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Camping 2 is a game that was created by SamsonXVI. It is the sequel to the original Camping game which was also created by SamsonXVI, and was played by Albert. It is the second game that SamsonXVI has created.


Welcome to the new Campgrounds! Today, you and your friends will embark on an incredible journey through a beautiful national park! Alongside your friends, and globally recognized Park Ranger Daniel, you will strive to become one with nature and find the true values that lie within the Camping experience. Have fun!

This game was entirely built and scripted by myself. Camping 2 is also the official sequel to the original trendsetter, Camping.


You arrive at Terra Park and you meet Park Ranger Daniel. He will show you around the camp. There will be some useful items so be sure you're looking out for those. Daniel will first show the tents then the cabin. He will then lead you to the bathroom, where he remarks that the mirror is dirty. Suddenly, the lights go out and on slight, revealing the mirror to show dead bodies, with one to have looked like a person who had committed suicide. After a while the lights will go back on. Daniel then gives players time to get comfy before night comes and he splits the players into 2 sleeping groups, saying he will stay with the group at the cabin. At night, You would be spilt up evenly between the tents and the cabin, Daniel will say he will use the bathroom and leave. Meanwhile, at the tents, Zach Nolan enters the cabin, killing those who don't run, too slow, or don't enter the cabin in time he will go up in the cabin area and kill you. Also if you go over the bridge (between the cabin and the tents) he will stop and if you go to him he will just attack you. The tent group explains that they were attacked and ask where's Daniel. One of the cabin members will say he went to use the bathroom and will come back. The door then rattles, and Daniel steps in. If you get the right timing then you can slide behind Daniel as he opens the door and go outside when you shouldn't. The tent group will tell Daniel someone's out there, but Daniel will just brushes it off as a scary story. When it was day, Daniel thinks it's a great time and climate to complete the Pinewood Trail. All players currently in the game must complete it to progress through the story. When a player completes the trail they are rewarded with a s'more. At night everyone will return to the tents. After a while, it will begin to rain. You must enter one of the tents, with Daniel entering the blue tent. After a while, Daniel will remark that the rain ruined the fire. He will have the Camping Group collect 5 logs around the campsite. Afterwards, Daniel will call you back. He will then say he forgot something at the cabin and leave. Then a player will hear beeping, revealing a bomb. Then players must survive them. After that, Daniel will come back and the group tells him bombs were there, but Daniel takes it as a joke. Later, a player will see a gun (M16 Carbine) in the blue tent. This will then lead to his fate, either they shoot him or not. If you don't shoot Daniel, he will say you scared him by almost killing him. He will then say he was radioed that a huge storm was coming and that you needed to take shelter in the hole. If you shot him, nothing will really happen and the group will just think that Daniel really was the murderer. Daniel will tell the players to jump in the hole. If Daniel is dead, then the player will go into a building at first then it will collapse and they will try to enter the hole, losing lots of health. Then a player will notice they forgot to leave an escape rope. Part of the hole will open a hole and Daniel will enter. Player must then complete the maze and cross snakes. Once you pass the snakes you are left in a hole as a door opens up with pillars guiding the players to the top. As the players make their way to the top, it will start to flood with strange dark water . Once the few players who survived makes it, they will be greeted with Zach. He will ask them who he is, Daniel will immediately recognize him. If he was not shot.

Good Ending[]

Once Zach is recognized, he will run towards Daniel and the players, but get blocked and killed by the son. The son will then say "I'M FREE!!!!!" Once the son disappears. To get this ending don't shoot Daniel

Bad Ending[]

Zach Nolan will go and kill you at the end. And it ends with a blue screen saying CAMPING to be continued. To get this ending shoot Daniel.


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(June 2021)