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This is original Camping game created by SamsonXVI and was played by Albert. Camping Debuted in We sent a Roblox noob in the forest and he didn't come back.... This game was first game created by SamsonXVI and first game that Albert played which was created by SamsonXVI.


Welcome to Camping, an incredible adventure themed game designed to deliver the ultimate camping experience to you and your friends. In a group of 12, you will travel deep into the woods, and survive in the wilderness. Enjoy time exploring the wonders of the forest, telling stories by the campfire, and MUCH more.

This game was entirely built and scripted by myself. It is also a remake to an original version I made years ago! Camping was the first of new genre on ROBLOX, and started a trend of story games!


After beginning the game, you will start with 11 other players within Specky Woods. The narrator will prompt you to leave the starting area after around 15 seconds. During this time period, five survival items (Medkits, Umbrellas, Smores, Lucky Coins, Flashlights) are randomly generated and scattered throughout the map. You get teleported to Campfire and Narrator tell you to relax, tell Spooky stories. After few seconds later a black figure appear above Campfire. Narrator instruct you to run. After sometime when Black figure stop trying chase you. It began to rain. Narrator then tell you to go to shelter(Tents or cave.) After you taken shelter. Sheep will be murder. Which can be avoided if you take shelter at red tent. After Night all players back at the campsite, to find that the red tent has collapsed. The narrator explains that because you can't all fit in the blue tent, players must sleep in the cave tonight. A dead deer, two park rangers and a tray of bear traps will be spawned near the two stone pillars. They inform you a bear is killing deer in the park and that they will have bear traps laid out by nightfall. After Day. Players enter inside the cave. Narrator will then tell players that they forgot the Picnic basket and group or one have to go get it. After objective was completed. Everyone automatically eat there sandwich. One person among the players will get poison. Player can use med kit to avoid being dead from Poison. Then Cave entrance collapse. Narrator then instruct to find another exit.. There are loose rocks in the back, creating a passageway leading to two slides. One slide has spikes at the bottom that damage any player that touches them, so if they are damaged enough by rain they can die. You can use lucky coin if you have it to choose the right slide. Once Remaining Players reach the end of slide. They will go to another tunnel. A maze(There are bears you must escape from if it Maze.) or platforms which you will have to go on to avoid Chamber being flooded. After you complete the Task. Remaining Players will be teleported to the Campfire. Narrator will inform you that rescues arrive at following morning and remaining players have to survived one more night. Inside the blue tent is blood, and the message "I'M STILL ALIVE" written on the wall. There are also bloody footprints leading to a bear trap with a black limb stuck in it. After a minute it will become night. When it was night one player will be kip nap and tied to random tree. Event will be skipped if there only 1 remaining player. if player is not found after 30 second they died. Narrator will tell players to go to higher ground(Pillar) to avoid black substance.

Secret Ending[]

A cutscene will play, showing a young boy in the shed. He then turns backward, showing his face and then jump scares the player. For the secret ending, you have to find the Lucky Coin and drop it in the well on second Day.

Ending 1[]

When you get to the top of the pillars the monster will just come and kill you. To get this ending be only survivor

Ending 2[]

Monster will appear and walk over the plank to you. But, the sun will rise and he will fall because he cannot stay in the sun. We tell him that this is what he gets for trying to kill and poison us, and for kidnapping one of us. He cries that they do not understand. He then explains that when the incident occurred, he didn’t want another murder happening at Specky Woods. As a result, he went crazy to stop the killer. Then, in a cutscene, a backpack with the person who got the picnic basket's (if they die, it’s random) username is shown. Shortly afterward, rat poison is shown in it. The person who owned the backpack then proceeds to kill everyone else in the group without warning, ending the game. To get this ending don't be only Survivor.


  • We sent a Roblox noob in the forest and he didn't come back

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