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CaityJ97 is one of Albert's accounts he used during his time on AlbertsStuff. Caity debuted in ONLINE DATING in ROBLOX.


CaityJ97 was an account created by Albert to start a new series called "ONLINE DATING in ROBLOX." The account was based on a transgender woman (hence the name) and added a 97 to symbolize Albert's birth year. After changing her avatar to make it what she wants, she joins Roblox High School to start the main focus on the series, to find a boy to love. She eventually enters the cafeteria and starts an interaction with somebody saying "ur tats look good :)" but then questions the girl he is sitting with. She then assumes that he's cheating on her but he quickly avoids the conversation from going any further and goes to the bathroom. She then disciplines the people sitting at the table saying "that is MY man" and "u dont talk to him." After a girl at the tables says that he offered him to lunch, Caity gets mad and needs to have a word with him. She eventually catches up with him and tries to start a conversation. Caity was still in shock that he asked him for lunch but not her. She then says "I thought we had something" and is responded with "Did we" and she says "Yes, but you asked this DUMB GIRL to lunch." After breaking up with him, she alerts the girl that was invited to lunch that she should never talk to him again. Eventually, she leaves the game to find a new game to find a boyfriend. She eventually settles on to play Robloxian Waterpark to find a boy. She eventually finds a man and asks if he wanted to go slide with her. However, he changes into a girl and Caity runs away. She then asks another man but is rejected like other times. She eventually goes into the third game (which is Apocalypse Rising) to find a boy. She eventually finds someone but kills them with a gun. She does the same with another person named AwesomeWiz101 and exclames how people are not worthy of her love. She eventually resets because she feels it can be like Romeo and Juliet and a man will just find her and fall in-love and die along with her. She eventually plays the fourth and last game (which is Work at a Pizza Place.) Eventually, someone in chat says "I not single" but Caity responds with "I am :)" while being ran over by a person. She eventually starts a conversation with person who ran who over. After saying "skill are you single" he says "yes." For the first time, Caity is accepted by somebody and they go to Skill's place. After going to his place, it is rather empty only having a soda machine and a bed. However, when Skill goes on the bed, Caity freaks out and is not ready for what will come and runs away from the home. She eventually runs off with a Guests car and drives into the water.


One day, the CaityJ97 account was terminated for an unknown reason. It is possible Albert hasn't acknowledged the account since her debut.


  • The person she killed first in Apocalypse Rising was named "kirsten888" and then says "Kirsten, you are not worthy of my love." This is probably a big coincidence considering the following events through the years.
  • She is transgender. Her name, a reference to trans decathlete Caitlyn Jenner, reflects this.