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caetanoazambuja is a Roblox player which Albert considers to be the most overrated Roblox developer.


caetanoazambuja made several low effort games, one of them called "Survival the Jeff the Killer" which, besides being low effort, got 221M+ Millions of place visits and thousands of daily players.

Survival the Jeff the Killer was basically a flat world with a giant treehouse and a Jeff NPC, something Albert managed to replicate in a minute.

He lost his account at some point and started a new account named Caetano_BR3


Albert used him as an inspiration and created some ironically bad games based on his game: Survival The Spongebob the killer, Survive Albert and Survival the Jake Paul the killer.

Survival the Spongebob the killer was basically caetanoazambuja's game but with Slightly More Yellow Spongebob instead of Jeff the Killer and with accessories that players could wear, such as dominus and armors.