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Creepy is the villain of a fan-made story about Su tart. He has blood coming out of his eyes and his body is completely skeletal. He was created by 0CROWNED on the "Saddest Roblox Story" series but he is also used by lots of players in the Flamingo Fandom in games such as "Su Tart goes to walmart".


uh oh.. Roblox didn't want anyone to find this story...[]

In a non-canon creepy story, Su tart goes to the bathroom but then gets teleported to school. CREEPY appears and then starts bullying Su tart, making him cry. Su tart wakes up, as he was dreaming, and talks to his dad. After a couple moments, he goes outside the house to get some fresh air but gets lost. CREEPY appears, infects Su tart with the creep virus and kills him.

CREEPY is also seen near the end next to a portal, saying, "go through this door to see the ending!" also warning that it takes a minute to load.

Roblox game made me date him...[]

After the events of the first story, Su tart's dad sees an ad and hires a scientist named DoctorWhatPHD to create a time machine. As he was making the machine, DoctorWhatPHD sees CREEPY in a box and screams, while Su tart's dad doesn't and ignores Doctor's screams.

An hour later, the machine is done and Su tart's dad is about to time travel. CREEPY then appears and asks, "where you think you going bacon boi?", but is too late. Su tart's dad escapes, being quickly sent to the past.

Su tart's dad arrives to the scene where Su tart gets lost and sees CREEPY. Protecting Su tart, he yells, "HASTA LABEASTA BABEE" and sends CREEPY to another dimension by shooting something at him.

Su tart's dad then fades away and tells Su tart to go home.

Roblox sad cheating story (he cried on video)[]

CREEPY hires mutates traT uS turning him into a mutant, and renames him as ZERO. he hires him to kill the bacons (su tart and su tart's dad) and traT uS becomes the focus of the story. After traT uS fails, CREEPY appears in the end saying that someday he will get the bacons.

Eek! this Roblox scary story made me say AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!![]

After Su Tart gets knocked out, he starts dreaming. in his second dream he encounters CREEPY, which tries to kill him, but Su Tart remembers that it is just a dream and uses his powers to kill CREEPY, and then wakes up.


In one of the elevator levels, Su Tart appears in a dark hall. CREEPY slowly goes to Su Tart, attacks from behind and kills Su Tart. After killing Su Tart, CREEPY gives mrflimflam Su Tart's hair as a gift.

This Roblox sad story is disgusting[]

CREEPY hires Hot Anime Babe to, supposedly kill Su tart, but she fails because an Anime Hater kills her before she can kill Su tart. CREEPY then yells "NOOOOOOOO!" and the story ends.


After Su Tart starts working in the walmart, CREEPY comes and starts laughing. Su tart states laughing is not allowed, pulls a gun and kills CREEPY, spilling blood everywhere. Su tart then regularly cleans it.

Roblox sad stories but they can't spell anything[]

After Su Tart kills his bullies, he becomes traT uS, and CREEPY appears and tells him to never become traT uS again. traT uS obeys and goes back to being Su Tart. Later, Su Tart chokes to death and becomes traT uS again. CREEPY then decides to banish him, but traT uS kills CREEPY first and goes back to normal


  • After Su tart's dad shoots CREEPY, CREEPY gets sent to the same place Su tart's dad was when he was time traveling. However, according to Albert, the creator was just too lazy to make an explosion for his death.
  • CREEPY likes killing people for fun.