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Bunnie is an NPC/villager in the popular Nintendo game, Animal Crossing.


Bunnie appears to be a bunny with red fur covering her legs, most of her ears, and a little on her hands. She is seen with orange fur covering most of her face with a little orange covering yellow in her ear. Her face has a tan-like appearance with her fur along with pink cheeks, a black iris with white pupils, and a mouth with a dark red color inside but a lighter one on the bottom to replicate the tongue. Finally, she has a white collar with a plaided shirt with orange and yellow stripes with light green and dark green.


Bunnie debuted in the Japanese exclusive game, Dōbutsu no Mori (Animal Forest) for the Nintendo 64. She appeared as one of the villagers in that game. She eventually made her first worldwide appearance in Animal Crossing made on April 14, 2001. She continues to make appearances in Animal Crossing games with examples being City Folk, New Leaf, and the newly released New Horizons.

Affiliation with Albert[]

Bunnie first debuts in Albert / Flamingo plays ANIMAL CROSSING where Albert plays Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Along with that, the video also reveals that Albert had a crush on Bunnie when he was a kid. He also wished that Bunnie would become one of his neighbors, which ended up not happening. The closest he got to getting Bunnie in the game was a part in the intro where he freaked out due to her inclusion in the intro.

List of Appearances[]

  • Albert / Flamingo plays ANIMAL CROSSING