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Bully Illusions are fake player characters that Su Tart can spawn in his UTG "Su Tart's Retribution" form using an ability.


Bully Illusions are hallucinations of bullies made by Su Tart. They are spawned when Su Tart uses the "Karmic Retribution" ability in his UTG form. When they are spawned, they start to spam insults at the enemy. In Su Tart's lore, those are fake characters made by Su Tart that he spawns to show the bullies how he felt. Those aren't real people. He makes a random character and spawns it in front of him. In the game however there are only 3 known preset characters that can spawn since making a random character generator into an ability would be hard to code. Bully 1 got a redeseign and bully 4 and bully 5 have been replaced. Flamingo once made a video using the Su Tart UTG form. Back then the bully illusions looked different because the UTG command got updated.


They look like a typical Roblox player. They always have items that cost robux. Although two girl characters and the boy with gucci clothes character don't seem to represent anyone in Su Tart's lore, the bully 1 one looks similar to the unknown student from the original Su Tart sad story by Popcornlady. Since the character has a space themed addidas hoodie like the unknown student. The character also has the Beautiful Hair for Beautiful People hair item. The unknown student also has a Beautiful Hair for Beautiful People hair item. The only difference is that the unknown student's hair is blue/purple-ish hair unlike the illusion which has black hair. Also bully 5 has the same hair item as Katie (The bully from the original Su Tart sad story) but does not have a similar appearance to her (other than the same coloured shirt).


  • BullySuTartOld

    Bully 1 old appearance

    "lol look at that freak"