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HAHA Fat you were born skinny i hope you dont get a boy freind ugly loser
  —Bully, insulting Ann [[src]]  

Bully is the main antagonist of A bully story (Ann goes to school).


Bully has long blonde hair, and preppy clothing. At some point during Ann's jail sentence, her hair was dyed blue.


Bully first appears when Ann gets to school. She bullies Ann to the point of having to hide, causing her to think Ann died. Ann escapes school and goes home, where her dad yells at her and sends her to jail for eight years. When she is out of jail, Bully and Ann's dad are friends. The two of them keep insulting Ann, until a cop comes and arrests them. Bully somehow gets out within three hours, and Ann hits her in the head "as hard as possible", knocking her out.