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Bujotskie is a Roblox player Albert encountered while playing VR world in his "I took a Roblox VR player's girlfriend away" video. He is the presumed love interest of sjxjxnksvz.


Throughout his debut video Bujotskie is seen as a male, blonde robloxian wearing the "Guitar Tee with Black Jacket", "Ripped Skater Pants", and "Stylish Aviators" with the "ROBLOX Boy Package" and "Silly Fun" Face. His complexion is that of completely white, causing Albert to dub him as a "Sunscreen Eater"

Currently he wears the "ROBLOX Jacket", "Dark Green Jeans", and "Bloxxer" Tee shirt, topped off by the "Down to Earth Hair" and "Smile" Face.


Albert comes across Bujotskie while speaking to sjxjxnksvz. He tells the latter that he will eat a lot of sunscreen when he grows up, just like the former. (Although sjxjxnksvz would actually be a concrete eater, seeing as his skin was gray.) Albert picks up both players and makes them flirt with each other;

Bujotskie: "I love you."

sjxjxnksvz: "No I love you-" (Is interrupted by kiraidkq, whom Albert violently throws away, never to be seen again.)

Bujotskie: "No I love you more."

sjxjxnksvz: "More than sunscreen?"

Bujotskie: "Uhh, well...-"

(Albert throws Bujotskie offscreen in a fit of rage)

Bujotskie appears later again in the video, clearly upset, as he tells someone to "stop". It is unclear who he wants to stop, as Albert drags him away from the situation. He places the player in front of an obstacle course over lava, in which Bujotskie makes it over the first 3 jumps, much to Albert's surprise, only to walk into the lava and die. Bujotskie returns, however Albert simply tosses him into the lava. Bujotskie does not appear for the rest of the video.

Personality and Traits[]

Bujotskie seems to be a very relaxed and somewhat intelligent player despite not looking the part. He does not protest at all when being thrown by Albert, and even returns to him to be thrown again. However, Bujotskie does not seem to be able to keep their commitments, as it is implied he would rather be with sunscreen than his love interest sjxjxnksvz.



Bujotskie's love interest. Albert matched the two players together after noting that they both liked sunscreen, although sjxjxnksvz would be a concrete eater. Sjxjxnksvz's heart is broken when Bujotskie implies that he loves sunscreen more than him. Albert does not like this outcome and in rage, flings Bujotskie into the sky.


  • It is unknown if Bujotskie and sjxjxnksvz truly got together.
  • His account was made 2 months before his debut video.
  • On Roblox, he has 165 friends and 15 followers.


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