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“Did you really think that I wouldn't make the finale?”

- Bubbles after surviving the sixth elimination

Bubbles is the main antagonist of Roblox WIN or get embarrassed...


At the start of the video, Bubbles was competing normally with her friends and Albert, however, a few minutes into the contest, Bubbles realizes that Albert could be a roadblock in her path to victory. From that moment onward, Bubbles made it her mission to kill Albert or knock him out of the competition. Bubbles' lust for power and superiority caused her to betray her friend Shonee by nominating her to compete against Albert, fully knowing how good Albert was and even expecting Shonee to die. Bubbles has also shown to be an excellent psychological manipulator. She was able to trick Albert into nominating her and Mal, one of Albert's allies against each other, to which Bubbles beat Mal easily.


In the video, Bubbles shows a cruel and sadistic spirit due to her constant merciless taunting. She also seems to be obsessed with power and victory, as she did everything she possibly could to try and beat Albert. She's also shown herself to be treacherous and overly ambitious, with her betraying and eliminating Shonee in order to get to the final round with Albert. She's also a smart emotional and psychological manipulator, being able to twist Albert's thinking in order to get him to eliminate Mal.


  • Though she says that it is due to unfortunate reasons, it is still unknown the reason of her nominating Shonee. One possible motive is to knock her out of the competition and get to the final round by herself, as by then she was so overcome with ambition only saw her friends as competitors rather than allies. Another is that she had realized that Shonee was a strong player and could possibly beat Albert in a challenge, making Shonee her best chance of taking Albert out. These are just plausible explanations, however.
  • She has already won a match by the start of the video
  • She is known as a “Flamingo villain”, i.e. a player who takes the role of a 'main antagonist' of a Flamingo video spontaneously, without any scripting or beforehand planning
  • Though she is most active in 2022, she joined Roblox in 2011


  • "god" - Bubbles and Shonee beat her in a challenge easily
  • Papa - After all of Bubbles manipulating on Shonee finally works when she takes Bubbles orders to vote out the others, making papa be eliminated.
  • Shonee - Bubbles nominated her friend knowing she would lose
  • Mal - Bubbles tricked Albert to thinking that they were friends so Albert nominated him and Bubbles beat him easily