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"Guys, if you see someone, it doesnt matter what else they look like, it doesnt matter what they look like from the neck down, if you see THIS, let me know." -Albert

Bubba is an antagonistic player found in ROBLOX VOTE ON YOUR FATE.


Bubba is a person with a huge, baby-like face with a yellow and black horizontally striped t shirt, black and red shoulder pads and black trunks.


Bubba was spotted in the video before Albert died again, Albert said "I wanna kill Bubba.", but then Flamingo went back to the saw and Bubba was hitting his jig. Albert put a balloon on Bubba but the worst thing happened, Bubba left. So Albert had to look for Bubba, but there were 13 pages of users with the name of "Bubba", we are now gonna be looking for Bubba.


  • Bubba never spoke.
  • We don't know his actual username.
  • If you see a person with the baby head and their name is Bubba, attack them.