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"Brother Zlox"

- Albert/Kaden

Brother Zlox/ZIox is an account made by Albert and Kaden to scare and troll people into getting voted off on Survivor.


With their only appearance in the Survivor video, BrotherZlox and BrotherZIox worked together as a cult group to kick the other competitors out and hopefully win. At the start, they were both put on the same team as Chip (SoccerStar794047), THe chiLL ooF (n00bz_roblox), whitekev, and villaltar986, with BrotherZlox being nice to Chip, while BrotherZIox was mean. Throughout the game, they voted out THe chiLL ooF and Jeff (madCOOLguy456). BROSKI (Rye_RyeToast30) soon joined the cult group, turning on her family and voting out your mum (GiveJisooChicken), as well as THe chiLL ooF again, and finally gay (ReignbowDJ). In the end, BrotherZlox ended up getting the winning vote and won Survivor.


Brother Zlox has a similar appearance that of SCP-049, although the two arent related. Both Albert and Kaden have a black cloak, plague doctor mask and black pants.


  • Near the end of the video, BrotherZIox ended up friending ReignbowDJ, Rye_RyeToast30, and GiveJisooChicken.
  • As expected, there are other Roblox users who pretend to be BrotherZlox.