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"Fell into my trap, i get to decide who wins!!"

-Bridgette to everybody after she tricked them into voting her


Bridgette and Albert had beef the entire game, but Albert kept winning immunity. Bridgette was starting to online date someone younger, Justin. Albert then voted Justin out instead of Bridgette so she could "feel the pain"

After Albert lost an immunity round then Bridgette said that her "momma" told her to sleep so they could vote her, but Albert fell for her trap because now she was in the jury. Sadly for Bridgette then Albert got eliminated the next round so she couldn't be the one doing it.


Bridgette after Albert didn't get immunity

After Albert was eliminated then he fought with Bridgette in the jury. Bridgette later mocks Albert because he said his dog died so they wouldn't vote him off and after that Bridgette started saying very inappropriate stuff that we yet don't know what she said because Albert coudln't even show it.