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Bricky_Little is one of the members of the Grocery Gang Roblox group. He is a 7 year old orphan who shares information about other myths.


Bricky_Little is very friendly to other people and, just like most Filthco myths, he speaks in bad grammar. Bricky_Little likes researching and sharing information about several myths such as PICASSO and DOODAD. Since he is a orphan, he is forced to steal for food and he is also very sensible.


Roblox’s disturbing grocery store hired me...[]

Bricky_Little makes his debut in this video. Bricky_Little enters the Filthco! store and tries to steal milk. However, he is stopped by Filthco, who puts him in a cage for trying to steal.

While still in the cage, 74j goes to him and they start a conversation while Albert watches them through a security camera. In their conversation, Bricky_Little reveals that PICASSO will "help us all" and he also reveals that MISSING_INVESTIGATOR died in a car crash while trying to find PICASSO.

After a while, Albert finds DOODAD twice on his office but Filthco doesn't believe him. 74j tells Albert that Bricky_Little knows information about DOODAD, so Albert goes to him to ask for information. However, after asking Bricky_Little who is DOODAD, DOODAD suddenly appears and the two start running for their lives. Bricky_Little reveals that DOODAD is very dangerous and that he can corrupt minds.

After a while, DOODAD starts chasing Bricky_Little and the game crashes. It is unknown what happened to both.