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Bribri201421 first showed up on Roblox miraculous ladybug 😎 she was a minor character in the video but said very long sentences (presumably telling her possible best friend on what she saw on the show). her actual old appearance is unknown the only here roleplay appearance as ladybug


"Aaliyah whatCan you work great you're here i need to tell you something i am you are Adrian's father is Hochmuth"

"Do it this is bad cat no I'm sorry but you're not so secret house or in yourWe good for us room or you have to fight him."


  • It is possible that the "201421" in her username might be her actual birthday, if so it would be one of the 21's in months at 2014 but its just a hunch
  • she may actually doing something similar to Arkainno or Loveyouroni but that is just a theory. She may be 5 years old and loves MLB
  • She tried her best on explaining the lore of MLB


bribri201421's roblox profile