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Break-In is a Roblox Horror game created by Cracky4. It is a Camping style game with four endings, three of which were achieved by Albert.


Move in day! There are white brick balconies, an absence of drapes, nostalgic pictures lining the walls and the smell of new house. A wooden staircase leads upstairs where 12 beds wait lamely for occupants.

The night may be stormy, but there are 11 unfamiliar players for you to meet, and a house full of secrets waiting to be discovered.

Oh, and the murderers. I almost forgot to mention the murderers.

Sincerely, your fren Cracky4

special thanks to: roytt - spanish translation viridial & korky5000 & resonating - building osyris & foryxev - scripting help docsurrykat - npc design of background characters samsonxvi & kerfoogle - quality assurance simdiggie & splashgameart - animations defaultio - richtext devsatwork - house catfartswithrainbows - kitten gkku - particles


Upon joining the game, You have the option to be a Kid or an Adult. Once you select one you will start in a lobby that allows up to 70 players. The lobby will have a shop, locked areas and two trucks. To start the game, you will need to enter one of the trucks and wait for it to depart. Each truck can fit 13 players. 


People can choose one character to become, Adult or Child. Furthermore, the choices as an adult are either the fighter, the medic and (purchasable with robux) the police officer.


After departing in the truck, The players have to wait for the night to come and go to a specific house. After that, there will be a TV transmission explaining that the purge has begun and that Scary Larry and his henchmen will be terrorizing Roblox for the night.

Scary Larry's henchmen will then start invading the house several times through the day/night and the players will have to fight and kill them to survive.

While fighting enemies or hurting yourself with other objects, you'll keep losing energy and, if you lose all of your energy, you'll die and will either have to use Robux to respawn or join a new game. However, you can regain energy by eating food or by having someone heal you.

At some point, Scary Larry will enter the house and the players will be forced to stay in the basement for the night. During the day, the players will have the option to go to a shop and buy useful items with the In-Game money. Then they will have to go back to their house, where they will have to fight Scary Larry's henchmen again. After the next day comes, Scary Larry will come out of a shop and the players will have to run away from him. After that event, one of the three endings will happen.

Normal Ending[]

The players will go to a sewer and have to do parkour to get to a specific place. If one of the players fall into the water, one player will have to save them and, by doing so, the player that saved the drowning player will lose energy. If you don't save the drowning player, they will die. After getting to a specific place, they will encounter with Scary Larry and the final fight will begin. Scary Larry will have three hearts points and will do several deadly moves to kill the players. After some time, Scary Larry will get tired and the players will have to hit him for him to lose one heart point. The process will be repeated until Scary Larry gets defeated.

After that, it will display a scene with all the players that survived commemorating and Scary Larry's remaining minions getting arrested.

Evil Ending[]

After defeating Scary Larry, if one player (with full energy) picks up his mask, they will put it on their head and presumably "become evil" and the successor of Scary Larry. Through sound cues, the player must have killed the rest of the players.

Final Ending[]

After Scary Larry comes out of a shop, the players will get inside a truck and after driving for some time, they will find Scary Larry's house. There, one player will activate a bomb and they will have 2 minutes and 30 seconds to vandalize and destroy his house as much as they can. After vandalizing the house, it will display a cutscene of Scary Larry entering it and start crying because of the damage the players did. The bomb will then activate, destroying what is left of the house and killing Scary Larry. The players presumably survive it.

Easter Ending[]

This ending is unlocked by giving three ice cubes to Chilly Charlie and having players vote for it. If this ending is chosen, the players will have to go to a portal, where they will be teleported to an Arena. there, they will have to survive and kill Devilled Egg. After the Devilled Egg is killed, he will be trapped in ice and the players will receive a badge for defeating him. This is the only Ending that Albert has not recorded in a video.

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