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Bots are a group of programmed Roblox users that are not controlled by the average player. They are mostly used for scams, playing games to warn you (in Bloxiphant's case,) or play games as (in Robot 1004's case.) They have appeared in a lot of Albert's videos since DUMBEST PEOPLE IN ROBLOX.

Notable Bots[]

Bots in the Albert series.

MegaSweetTammyX and UberHotSuzanneX[]


Tammy's avatar


Suzanne's avatar

Tammy and Suzanne were bots who first appeared in DUMBEST PEOPLE IN ROBLOX where they sent Albert a friend request on Mrflimflam. He accepted the friend request. Following that, UberHotSuzanneX messaged him saying "Hay :) I just got robux for free :). U can get them also go to (Albert blurred the website) !!!! visit with your iPhone, ipad or android phone and download some free apps to get em." Following that, Tammy followed with the same message. Eventually, they unfriended each other. Shockingly, there accounts are still around and not banned, it is unknown why.

Ninja Turtles[]

The Ninja Turtle bots are a nickname given by Albert due to there avatars looking like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle members. They were known for spamming in group walls, t-shirts, and many things you can comment on in 2017. It is possible they were banned which is why they haven't appeared in a Flamingo video since. They were noted in one of the Tifany Mayumi's Revenge games as a sub-boss while fighting TIFANY MAYUMI.


One of there appearances