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Blue_boi64, mostly known as Jeff, is a Roblox player who Albert met on a Roblox game and appeared in the video, Roblox players were nice to me so I RUINED THEIR LIVES.


Blue_boi64 was randomly singing when Albert noticed him, and asked him if he could be in his band. Jeff agreed, and the two went on to go on various adventures throughout the video. He met a girl named Abby, to which Albert didn’t approve. (because he thought that Jeff needed to focus on the band), Jeff then invited Albert to the water park to accompany him with Abby, Albert then killed Abby, but Jeff wasn’t angry. Jeff eventually had to leave the game and both pairs parted ways.


Albert genuinely considers Blue_boi64 as one of the best Roblox players he has met, most likely because he was wholesome, kind, and let him do evil stuff according to Albert in the video. Albert has said that he wished he was friends with him and real life. Blue_boi64 is one of the very few Roblox players that Albert has friended back, even Blue_boi64 changed his ingame roleplay name to “Has and awesome friend”, then reminding Albert that he was mentioning him, Which Albert found wholesome.


- The only timestamp where his username is visible is 0:19 in the video mentioned above.

- Based on his profile and rank in Blue Fox Development, he identifies as Abrosexual