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Your behavior is briefly being monitored under the Monitoring Program. If you wish to opt-out, please contact Gerard B. (Bloxiphant) via e-mail or Roblox messages.
  —Bloxiphant's bots.  


Bloxiphant (birth name Geraldo Barkley, now known on Roblox as b8rger, formerly 000burger) was a bot maker that has hacked many accounts using hidden viruses in some Roblox Studio items,  so to follow YouTubers with hacked bots. Albert has been a target of Bloxiphant along with other YouTubers such as KonekoKitten, Nathorix and Minigunner.


Bloxiphant uses the Linen skin colour with the ROBLOX Boy body type. He has the basic smile face with Brown Charmer Hair on his head. He wears the Guitar Tee-with Black Jacket and the Black Jeans with Sneakers.


Bloxiphant is a bot maker who has been discussed in "Someone made Roblox BOT accounts to SPY ON ME...", "Roblox's SPY BOTS are a serious problem...," and "I met the Roblox hacker behind the SPY BOTS..." The bots followed YouTubers in-game and would give you a warning that read: "Your behaviour is briefly being monitored under the monitoring program. To opt out, please contact Gerard B (Bloxiphant) via email or Roblox messages." After some investigation by Albert, he managed to find Gerard Barkley's Twitter account. He also had searched up the name Bloxiphant on Roblox and found his Roblox account. He eventually became one of Albert's Roblox friends and one of the only people that Flamingo follows on mrflimflam. Ever since then, the bots have stopped attacking Flamingo, but it unknown if they still follow other users.

He would later go on to make a group finder game before being terminated sometime in 2022, presumable 2 months ago as of August 2022.


  • There are many theories of who is behind Bloxiphant. Some suggest that it was Banunos who created Robot_1004. There is another theory that yQxR is also Bloxiphant. But there is a ton of evidence to show that Banunos is Bloxiphant as Bloxiphant's old roblox name was 000burger and a bot that Banunos made for a game where you control a character inside a roblox game was Robot_1004 but is now 000burger2.