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blobygirlofaith_thor is an account featured in the video ROBLOX PIGGY BUILD TROLL (I made it impossible). She kept climbing on top of the invisible blocks on his map. She was eventually given 5K robux for being smart by crouching on the bear traps.


She used to wear the Woman package, the festive shoulder owl pet, the silly fun face, the I <3 Pizza Shirt, and Black Jeans with White Shoes.

She currently is wearing Penguin Mask, the WILBUR IN A BAG T-Shirt, the Knit Sweater - Beige, the Plush Blue Axolotl Hoodie hat, the :] face, the Woman package,


  • Flamingo said that he would only give 5K robux to whoever beat his piggy map, but gave it just to her.

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