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BleedingToeNails23 is a Roblox account created by Albert.


She had to BUILD ME a FUNERAL in Bloxburg...[]

Flamingo plays Bloxburg with an alt called BleedingToeNails23. He adopts two children called ama_ama10 and pattersonawesome1 and gives them permission to do anything they want on his house.

ama_ama10 completely destroys and rebuilds his house, with the money BleedingToeNails23 donated to her.

Later in the video, pattersonawesome1 disappears, Flamingo assumes he died and tells ama_ama10 to build a funeral for him, and she obeys. BleedingToenNails23 sets the Funeral on fire later, but ama_ama10 doesn't care and becomes a friend of him.