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Are you looking for the alt account, BirthGiver233?

Birth a.k.a. spiderboypeter293 was a player and online dater in the "rebuilding the game" video.


Birth was first seen when Albert stopped spinning with the selfie stick tool. Albert commented on his name and watched him go. Later he found Birth again. Birth was trying to get a girl. Later there was commotion around a house Albert rebuilt. Couple of people were talking, one FBI agent was trying to stop online dating and Birth was fighting another man for a girl. Eventually the girl chose Birth instead of the other man. The other guy started spamming the crying emoji. Later Albert gave the FBI agent a gun. He was shooting players. The FBI agent also told Birth to stop online dating. Birth ran away and changed his name to "e". Later the FBI guy found him again and shot his legs off while Albert was protecting birth. Birth was saying how he wants a girl so bad. After that he sends a friend request to Albert revealing his username to be spiderboypeter293. He then disappeared but his friend request was accepted.


He was very nice. He just wanted a girl.