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Billbone is the boyfriend of Dhyrbfyty whom she rejected Albert for. He is one of Dhyrbfyty's friends alongside Albert's first account and blueyoshi, and her only known lover. His account is still active which Albert assumes is now used by a younger sibling or cousin, though, the account hasn't been online ever since Xbox Avatars were released to ROBLOX. He had an alternate account by the name of Killbone which was banned for unknown reasons.


Billbone wears the formerly Xbox exclusive bundle Oakley. The avatar consists of wearing the Oakley Shirt, Oakley Pants, Oakley's Hair, and Oakley's Glasses. The avatar's arms and legs are the default Xbox Avatar leg and arm parts.

Relationship with Dhyrbfyty[]

In The truth about my Roblox girlfriend, Albert reveals messages between him and Dhyrbfyty to which she rejects him as she reveals she already has a boyfriend by the name of Billbone. A player by the name of Zelda messaged him asking him out to which Dhyrbfyty was upset by. He went to Roblox prom with her and did not pay attention to her and even filmed her crying in the corner. She beat him up and left the game, accusing him of being a bully. He responded with "i don't care/idc leave me alone."