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bigmama0926 (or kammyxil) is an average Roblox player who debuted in ROBLOX MURDER MYSTERY TRAPS.


Formerly, bigmama0926 appeared as a white person with a woman body package. She wore Miss Misa on her head, a black bandana covering her wink-blink face, a ritual beneath her, a huge sword on her back, an off-brand Gucci shirt, and off-brand Adidas pants.

Personality and Traits[]

She easily gets irritated by people camping the gun, but becomes ecstatic when she meets people she looks up to.


Bigmama0926 meets Albert

bigmama0926 interacts with Albert.

Albert Aretz[]

Bigmama0926 is a huge admirer of Albert and was ecstatic when she realized it was him.


  • Bigmama0926 is in The Flamingo Fan Club.
  • She, as of 3/12/2024, has only two Roblox badges.
  • She has gained a total of 65 group members.
  • She has 317 followers as of 3/12/2024.