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bigjennyBIG is an account of Albert's first used in a Survivor video. There's nothing really special about this account but it is heavily connected to the user SOULDEW67 who was a random kid since Souldew67 decided to help Albert on this account because of the kindness that was shown towards him. This account might have been used 1-2 other times.


bigjennyBIG's is seen wearing Chestnut bun, Gold chain, Grey Striped Shirt with Denim Jacket, Check it, and pink jeans.

Her new look is wearing Black and Red, [ Content Deleted ] , and Woman face


The account one of many Albert's alts created by Flamingo to play in the video "ROBLOX BULLIES VOTED ME OUT IN A MEAN WAY"

At first, Jenny was rude and mean to most players (although it would befriend souldew67) The account shifted to a more wealthy look during the merge. They ended up befriending the other players except for Caroline's Alliance.

Big Jenny would point out the bullying by Caroline's Alliance. Her, SOULDEW67, and Sunlight all formed a counter alliance that managed to vote Caroline out and caused Scarlet to leave the game. The account later won the game due the vote from Souldew67.


  • This account was created on 9/17/2019
    • It coincidentally was Souldew67's first day on Roblox
  • In the guise of a woman named Jenny, soon after Souldew67 had caused Albert to win he told "Souldew67" that he was a guy, or in Albert's words, a boy.
  • After some time in the video bigjennyBIG is first seen in, Albert changes its avatar to make it look like a girl with robux, so she doesn't get voted out.